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Date: 17th August 2018
Car Parking Shade Netting
Shade Cloth (Shade net,Website:, Shade netting) is used to provide shade against sunlight and to control temperature. It can also be used to protect flowers, trees against frost, wind and hail damage. It can also used for temporary fencing, packaging applications, greenhouse covering. ? High strength, durable ? Restricted UV action. ? Reduced crop desiccation. ? Improved ventilation. ? Reduction in temperature range variations. ? Texture of net and shade fabrics: High-density, low-pressure polyethylene monofilament, UV stabilised, non-decomposing. Why our HDPE shade cloth provides superior durability: ? Melting Point (130?C, 266?F) ? (C2H4)nH2 Long hydrocarbon chains ? HDPE grades have excellent chemical resistance, meaning that it is not attacked by strong acids or strong bases. It is also resistant to gentle oxidants and reducing agents. ? Denser and has higher specific strength then lower density polyethylene composites. We extrude our own HDPE thread, and bond the UV stabilizer into the thread while it is still molten. This gives our nets superior life-expectancy compared to competitor's nets which lose their UV resistance over time as the dipped on stabilizer wears off. Joyeyou Shading Net Project Case Show
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