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Date: 17th August 2018
Fried Garlic Granules
Fried garlic grains:The fried garlic is garlic,Website:, split, rind, washed, cut into garlic pieces, dried, crushed into granules, and then fried with the plant. The fried garlic pieces are golden yellow, taste is not pungent and has garlic-specific Fragrance can be used as a condiment, or it can be used directly to make various flavors.Fried garlic chips are not only nutritious, but also have appetizers, antihypertensive, Xiaoge Qingkou and other effects.Fried garlic specifications:?8-16 mesh, 5-8 mesh, packaging, can use different containers, according to customer requirements, according to different weight processing.Production process:?Garlic ? hide ? sorting ? cleaning ? slicing ? spin drying ? drying ? sorting ? granulation ? rehydration ? spin drying ? frying ? oil extraction ? cooling ? sorting ? packaging.Uses:?It not only has the effect of seasoning, but also has the function of regulating the stomach and sterilizing and anti-inflammatory.How to use:?You can also add seasoning when cooking.The company's main products are black garlic, dehydration, preservation, and fried products four major categories of products.?Black garlic products:?Single black garlic, multiple black garlic, selenium-rich black garlic, selenium-rich black garlic.?Dehydrated products:?Garlic, garlic, garlic powder, onion, onion, onion, carrot, pepper and other products.?Preservation products:?Fresh garlic, onion, potatoes, carrots and so on.?Fried products:?Fried garlic, fried garlic, garlic crisps, onion crisp, onions.?The variety is complete and the price is reasonable. In addition, we also provide customers with a variety of product packaging and transportation.In addition, our company keeps pace with the times and opens up new online platforms to further expand the scale of transactions and facilitate communication with friends from all walks of life.
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